You are currently viewing BIG SAM TECH EXCHANGE: Best Site to Redeem or Sell Gift cards in Exchange for Naira in Nigeria

BIG SAM TECH EXCHANGE: Best Site to Redeem or Sell Gift cards in Exchange for Naira in Nigeria

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Are you looking for the best website with good rates to sell gift cards online? Do you want to exchange your gift cards for Naira instantly then we will tell you the best site to redeem gift cards in Nigeria? BIG SAM TECH EXCHANGE got your back. Yeah!

Quick Note before we Proceed

Gift card trading is now beyond what we always thought it was, as people are always on the look out for the best prices now. Several questions cross our mind, questions like;

Which site can I use to redeem, convert and get rid of my unwanted gift card into my Nigeria bank account and get Naira?. Be rest assured, we are one of the best site to redeem gift cards in Nigeria.

We will teach you how to sell iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, Google PlayStore gift card, Walmart gift card, JC Penney gift card, Nike gift card, Visa gift card, Nordstrom gift card, Target gift card, Apple store gift card, EBay gift card, gift card, Macy’s gift card, America Express gift card, Footlocker gift card, G2A gift card, Sephora gift card, iTunes 25 special gift card, Xbox gift card e.t.c. all to Nigerian Naira.

Basically, you’ve been looking for sites to redeem unwanted gift cards or website to sell gift cards for money. I’m happy to tell you that on this platform you’ll know how to;

  • Sell gift cards for Naira on Paxful
  • Sell gift cards for BTC or cash instantly online
  • Best apps and website to redeem gift cards in Nigeria

And even more.

If you are looking to convert free ones you got from points or online surveys especially ecodes or you want to exchange Walmart gift card to cash, as a Nigerian, or sell iTunes and steam wallet gift cards online then this post is for you too.

If you are also looking for how to sell gift card for Naira, then we are the best bet.

Why the rush?

Why BIG SAM TECH EXCHANGE is the Best Site to Sell Gift Card in Nigeria for Naira

Ok, so are you doubting us? We will show you more reason why you should use us as one of the list of site to redeem gift card and why we turn out to be best gift card trading platform in Nigeria, Ghana, Africa and all over the world.

So why should you trust us;

  • We have direct iTunes and Amazon accounts to redeem your cards exchange online profile to aid selling gift cards to us.
  • We assure better rates than other platforms e.g. We buy iTunes gift cards as high as N28,000 for $100 (although rate changes sometimes). Who can beat that?
  • Some websites don’t have good customer support or care. But I’ll be at your service to explain anything you don’t know about gift cards to you.
  • I need long term trading partners such that in the long run what I’ll gain from you will be high instead of scamming you a $100 card that is worth peanuts. I need up to $100,000 worth of gift cards everyday so there is absolutely no way I can scam you
  • I am very real. You can check my trade history on Instagram with screen recording videos of my trades and pictures of my daily trades. Instagram: @bigsamtechexchange
  • Continue reading this post for more.

So no worries, we are one of the best place to sell gift card.

How to Use the Best Site to Redeem Gift Cards in Nigeria ( BIG SAM TECH EXCHANGE Review)

We buy almost all gift card available at very sweet market rates and vendor rates for vendors that wish to give us big cards. Gift cards like;

  • iTunes
  • Amazon with receipt or no receipt (Ecodes delivered via email order included)
  • Steam card
  • Google Play
  • Sephora
  • Nordstrom
  • Footlocker
  • Apple store
  • We also buy Bitcoin in unit quantity or bulk.

I buy as minimal as $5, 10$, $15, $20, $25, $30, $50, $100, $200 to 500$ face values. Even €25, €50, €100 and £25, £50, £100 in form of;

  • Canada (Canadian dollar – CAD)
  • Australia (Australian dollar – AUD)
  • New Zealand dollar (NZD)
  • Mexico (Mexican)
  • United States (USD)
  • Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland (German, Italian) and other Western countries in Europe that uses Euro
  • United Kingdom (Great Britain Pounds – GBP)
  • Norway, Singapore etc

Let’s go through the hassle and redeem your gift card for you.

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